If your brakes are feeling spongy or you’re having trouble slowing down, it’s time for a brake fluid system flush and some new fluid to keep you safe on the road. Your brakes are one of the most important components of your car so make sure you’re keeping them in good condition.

SLICK Mobile Oil will look at your brake fluid levels as part of our courtesy checks during a full service oil change. If it’s low, or looks discolored, we’ll let you know. SLICK operates throughout the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs. Unlike traditional brick and mortar garages, we are a mobile service, coming to you wherever you are. Check out the convenience of scheduling a service for when you’re at home, at work or even out running errands.


Your vehicle needs working brakes, it’s as simple as that. When your brake fluid is depleted or contaminated, the hydraulic pressure it uses to engage the brakes won’t work. While you will usually have ample warning signs that you need a brake system flush, it can ultimately result in a total failure of the brakes meaning your vehicle won’t be able to slow down or stop. To avoid getting into or causing an accident, get your brake fluid checked at your next service.

Different driving conditions, driving styles and the type of vehicle you use can affect when a brake system flush will be necessary but in general it’s recommended every 30,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first. Also check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation for brake fluid changes. SLICK Mobile Oil technicians will never try to upsell unnecessary services so you can rely on them to let you know whether your vehicle is in need of a brake system flush or not.


It’s very important to get your brake fluid checked out if you are experiencing any of these warning signs:

Your brakes feel “spongy” or loose.

If you have to press the brake pedal harder to get your vehicle to slow down or you need to press it several times (pumping the brakes) to stop, it’s a sign that your brake fluid level is low.


Your ABS light comes on.

ABS stands for “anti-lock braking system.” If there’s a problem with your brake fluid level or braking system in general, this warning light will come on on your dashboard to notify you.


Smells and noises from the brakes.

If you can hear scraping noises when you press the brake pedal, you need to get your brakes checked out. A smell like burning metal or rubber after braking could mean that your brake fluid is burnt out and is no longer effective. Pull over to let your brakes cool down and get in touch with your local mechanic.


It’s been a while.

Brake fluid checks should be carried out as part of your car’s regular service. If you haven’t had it looked at for a couple of years, it’s time to schedule an appointment to make sure you’re driving safely.

SLICK Mobile Oil can perform a full brake system flush and replace your old or contaminated fluid with new, fresh brake fluid. Care needs to be taken when handling brake fluid and also to ensure that old and new or different fluids don’t mix. It’s a job for the professionals so schedule your appointment at a time and a place that suits you and we’ll be there.

Convenient. Contactless. Trustworthy. Now that’s SLICK.