Schedule a MOBILE OIL CHANGE that comes to you

When you’re off on a road trip or a new adventure, getting your RV or motorhome’s oil changed is not always at the top of your to-do list. While regular oil changes are essential to keep your RV running smoothly, it can be difficult finding the time or a location on your route to take your large vehicle.

That’s where SLICK Mobile Oil comes in. We bring our professional, complete RV or motorhome oil change service to you, at a time and location of your choice. Schedule an RV oil change with us and cross another thing off that vacation and maintenance checklist.

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When you’re planning your next driving trip, you need to be confident that your RV or motorhome is in top condition before it hits the road. Ditch the hassle and inconvenience of trying to find somewhere to take your RV for an oil change by making an appointment with SLICK Mobile oil.
    • Convenience
      Here’s the best bit – we will come out to you wherever your home-from-home happens to be. If you’re in a campground, parking lot or still in your own driveway, our technicians will bring the complete oil change service to you. No extra stress or long wait time before or during your trip. If you’re looking for an oil change service that comes to you, give SLICK a call.


    • Complete RV Oil Change Service
      We take care of everything you would expect from a professional oil change, including disposing of the old oil. All our RV oil change services include courtesy checks around your vehicle to make sure you’re in prime condition for your next big drive.


  • Professional RV Service Guaranteed
    At SLICK Mobile Oil, we don’t let the small stuff slide. Our business is built on a love of engines and each oil change is performed to the highest quality. Trust the thoroughness of our work at the location of your choice, anywhere in the Denver or Colorado Springs area.


As with regular vehicles, an oil change for your motorhome or RV is essential for protecting your engine and getting the most out of your gas mileage. Even if you don’t use your RV that regularly, staying on top of the maintenance is a must.

How often the oil needs to be changed in your RV can vary depending on different factors:

While there is no definitive answer, you should change the oil in your RV or motorhome at least once a year even if you haven’t been using it that often. For regular RVers, at least twice a year would be more appropriate. Check with your RV manufacturer to get the best advice about your individual vehicle.

To ensure the safe and smooth running of your RV, schedule regular oil changes from a convenient, mobile oil change provider like SLICK. As we can come to you on your schedule, it’s never been easier or more convenient to keep your motorhome in good shape.

Convenient. Contactless. Trustworthy. Now that’s SLICK.