When you’re driving an automatic, it means you don’t have to think about changing gears as you go. Your car is still changing gears though, and the gearbox or transmission is what’s channeling the power of your engine to your wheels. If not properly maintained, the transmission can stop your vehicle working altogether.

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SLICK Mobile Oil can perform a check of your transmission fluid and advise whether it can be topped off or whether a whole transmission fluid flush is necessary. Transmission fluid flushes on automatic transmissions can help maximize the life of your transmission and get rid of sludge and other debris that build up over time.

Your transmission can go for a long time between fluid changes or flushes so it’s not something you need to think about most of the time. Do keep it mind when your vehicle is being serviced, though, as manufacturer’s advice varies and your driving style also plays a part in how hard your transmission is working. Your SLICK technician can add fresh transmission fluid to your vehicle, or flush the whole system out to remove old, burned out fluid and replace it with new.


Here are some things to look out for that might indicate you need to get your transmission fluid checked:

Slipping gears.

In a vehicle with a manual transmission, you may find it’s not staying in gear or you can’t change into reverse gear. This is because dirty transmission fluid can’t provide enough hydraulic power to stay in gear. If you’re in an automatic, you may find your vehicle lurching more as it accelerates rather than moving smoothly.


Grinding noises.

If your transmission is putting up a fight, it might be time to get the system flushed. Dirty transmission fluid can’t lubricate moving parts as well as it should, resulting in these warning noises.


A visual check.

Pop the hood and take a look at the transmission fluid dipstick. Clean or new transmission fluid is generally bright red although this can vary by manufacturer. Over time, the color will change. If it’s looking dark brown or black, it’s severely contaminated so get that transmission fluid flush scheduled right away!

Getting SLICK Mobile Oil to perform a transmission fluid flush can be carried out as a preventive measure to prevent potential costly problems in the future. As a mobile service, we come to you wherever you happen to be so schedule your appointment and we’ll be there!

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