Radiator coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, cools your engine when it gets too hot and warms it up if it’s very cold. While you may be familiar with oil changes and know how often they need to be performed, you might not realize your radiator fluid also needs topping up or sometimes needs to be replaced altogether. SLICK Mobile Oil carries out fluid checks as part of our oil change service so our technicians can let you know if you have any coolant issues.

SLICK Mobile Oil operates in the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs and brings our expertise to your door. We can work on your vehicle whether you’re at home, at work or running errands, and you know you can rely on us for top-quality, contactless auto services.


A radiator fluid flush can come up sooner than you think. Check with your manufacturer’s handbook but in general, plan on getting one every 3 to 5 years. There are various factors involved in how soon you might need a coolant system flush, however, including the age of your vehicle. You may also just need a top-up of radiator fluids. SLICK Mobile Oil will never try to sell you any unnecessary services so if you don’t need a coolant flush, we won’t do one!

If your engine has been struggling in the heat, help it out by getting your entire cooling system flushed out and fresh fluid added. This will remove debris and rust from your vehicle’s cooling system, allowing the new radiator fluid to heat or cool the engine effectively and also protect it by reducing friction around the moving parts.


There are some warning signs that indicate you may need to replace your radiator fluid and without getting it checked out, you risk a breakdown and damage to your engine.

Your car overheats.

This means the coolant is either too dirty or there’s not enough of it to function properly.


Check your dash.

Look at the temperature gauge which shows you the temperature of the engine coolant. If it’s showing as hot, you may have a water pump issue or be leaking coolant. Either way, this needs to be checked out by a professional as soon as possible.


Take a look in the tank.

Pop the hood and take a look in the “antifreeze” or “engine coolant” reservoir. If the levels are too low, it needs a top up. If the radiator fluid is discolored, have it checked out by a technician.


It’s been a while.

If it’s been 5 years since your last coolant system flush, it’s time for another one. Contaminants and rust build up in the system over time and by about 5 years, they need to be cleaned out.

Getting SLICK Mobile Oil to carry out a radiator flush is a low-cost and effective way to prevent potential costly problems in the future. As a mobile service, we come to you wherever you happen to be so schedule your appointment and we’ll be there!

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