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We proudly serve the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs.
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Your experience is our priority

What to expect from us and what we need from you:

We pride ourselves on our workmanship. Every oil change we do follows this procedure upon arrival to your home or place of business. We’ll first verify your car or truck is parked outside with enough space all around the perimeter (3ft) and the engine is cool to the touch – we can’t work on a hot engine! We’ll then verify your package selection.


Our before video happens next. We take a quick walk around the vehicle with a camera to record any damages, or lack thereof, for both your peace of mind and ours.


We’ll then set the jack and the stands, taking a photo of the placement to ensure proper vehicle lifting techniques are used. At this point we’ll commence with the reason we are there. We will lay out a spill protector, set the oil collection container, and remove your oil and old filter. After the old oil has drained, the drain plug will be replaced and we will install your new oil and filter. Photos are taken at this step as well to show we aren’t messing around.

After the fresh oil and filter are placed, we will lower your car back to the ground and commence the Courtesy Check service: we will check your engine’s fluids, top off your windshield wiper fluid, and clean both windshields. Before closing the hood we will double check that the oil cap is in place and either show you in person or take a photo here as well.

At this point your service is just about done. Depending on your comfort levels we can stand back a socially acceptable distance of your choosing while you fire up your freshly serviced vehicle. Remote start works great also!!


Once the verification has taken place we will go over our findings, fluid levels, tire pressures, and any other odds and ends we may have seen throughout the process.


If there are no other questions or concerns payment is made in person using our contactless technology. Your oil change sticker will be tucked into your driver’s side window along with a few other goodies.

And that’s it! Your car is ready for another burst of well used miles on the road. Rest easy with SLICK.