Fleet Oil Changes

When you are running a successful business, the last thing you want is for your fleet of vehicles to run too hot and break down, which is why you should ensure you practice good fleet maintenance. This means regular oil changes and proper maintenance.

Fleet Oil Maintenance Made Easy in Colorado

To protect the engines of your fleet, you should ensure that you are getting the oil changed routinely. SLICK Mobile Oil understands that running a business costs time and money, so to make your life easier, we’ll bring the fleet oil change to you.

We currently operate in Denver and Colorado Springs. All you need to do is let us know when and where, and we’ll come to you!

Benefits of Routine Oil and Fleet Maintenance

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task, and managing a fleet that isn’t being maintained is impossible and costly.

Having your oil changed is just as important as getting the engine checked or the tires replaced. Not changing the oil in your fleet or just topping up low oil only can result in serious engine problems such as overheating, friction wear, a buildup of dirt, and poor fuel consumption. All these things can create unnecessary business expenses and waste time you just don’t have.

On top of having fleet oil changes, you should ensure that your fleet is also well maintained. At SLICK Mobile Oil, we offer the following services:
By having your fleet regularly maintained, you are ensuring proper fleet safety for your drivers and better reliability. Regular fleet maintenance can also result in lower maintenance costs as preventive measures are used, as well as lower your business’s monthly fuel costs.

Another important reason why you should have your fleet maintained is so that it remains compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Properly maintaining your fleet means you don’t have to stress about regulations, reporting, registrations, FMCSA safety scores, and inspections.

Pass your inspection with flying colors with a well-maintained fleet.

How Often Should I Get My Fleets Oil Changed?

While synthetic oil has been improved over the years, and you can go much further in between oil changes, we recommend the following:
Different factors, such as weather conditions, road surfaces, and driver style, will affect this guide, which is why we recommend having your oil changed regularly.

Additional Services Offered

Simply re-topping your low oil levels is not good maintenance. You need to flush out contaminants and get rid of the old oil.

We offer additional flushing services as well:
These services will help you keep your fleet running efficiently and safely.

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