Have you ever wished that you could get an oil change without making a trip to the mechanic? Have you ever wondered, “Can I get an oil change at home?”

If you’re too busy to take your car in or feel intimidated at the prospect of going into the mechanic, an at home oil change could be for you. An oil change home service takes all the stress out of car maintenance!

What is an Oil Change?

Traditionally, an oil change is performed at a garage or at a specialized oil change store. You take your car in and the mechanic drains your old oil and fills your engine with new oil. In the process, contaminants are washed away.

Your engine oil filter will also be replaced during an oil change.

If you’ve ever topped off the oil in your car, it’s important to understand that that’s not the same as getting an oil change. When you top off your oil, you add oil without emptying the old, dirty oil. During an oil change, all oil is removed and replaced for a complete fresh start.

The Benefits of a Mobile Oil Change

An oil change is an important way to protect your engine. Engine oil lubricates your engine and keeps it from overheating. Dirt buildup in old oil can lead to wear on your engine and higher fuel consumption.

So, you ask, can I get an oil change at home?

The answer is yes! When you opt for an at home oil change, you get all the benefits of a traditional oil change with none of the stress of a trip to your local garage. At Slick Mobile Oil, our process is streamlined. Make an appointment online, leave your car in an easy-to-access spot with the hood unlatched, and we do the rest!

Our contactless service is high-quality and Covid-safe. We’ll never upsell you on unneeded services, and we’ll never make you feel uncomfortable or taken advantage of. We’re a woman-owned business that wants to take the hassle and anxiety out of car maintenance.

Before Your At Home Oil Change…

Don’t do anything!

The whole point of a mobile oil change is to make it easy for you. That means we don’t need you to do any special preparation before your oil change home service.

Simply park your car in an easy-to-access area with the hood unlatched. Make sure it is on a flat surface with at least three feet of clearance on all sides.

When you schedule your oil change, we’ll ask for your location as well as your car’s make, model, and license plate number. This will help us quickly find and service your vehicle.

Experience Our Oil Change Home Service Today

At Slick Mobile Oil, we’re proud to bring our top-quality oil change home service directly to you. We know that going to the mechanic can be intimidating. Our woman-owned team takes the unknowns out of oil change and meets you where you’re at – literally!

Slick is here for busy professionals, first-time car owners, and anyone else who doesn’t want to make a trip to the mechanic. Schedule an at home oil change with us today and discover how easy car maintenance can be!