Most car owners are familiar with oil changes. After all, they’re one of the most common types of regular car maintenance. But have you ever had an oil change at your house?

Come to you oil change services are rapidly growing in popularity, and for good reason. Keep reading below to find out more about why a mobile oil change might be right for you.

Get An Oil Change At Your House

Mobile oil change services are a fairly straightforward concept. Instead of your oil change happening in a garage, your mechanic comes to you for an oil change at your house, your place of work, or wherever is most convenient.

Mobile oil changes aren’t any less “official” than oil changes done in garages. In fact, at their core they’re exactly the same: they both include professional work done by experts who are equipped with all the tools they need for the job.

Before your appointment, our Slick Mobile Oil team will ask you for information on your car (like the make, model, and mileage). Based on that information, we’ll determine what kind of oil you need and make sure that we’re fully stocked before we make our way to you

You park your car on a flat service with the hood unlatched, and our come to you oil change team does the rest! We’ll always contact you afterwards to let you know that we’re done and to check in about any additional work that you need done.


One of the main benefits of a mobile oil change is its convenience. When your mechanic comes to you, you don’t have to worry about finding a time to take your car into the shop. This is a great option if you have a tight schedule or if you live far from your nearest mechanic.

Mobile oil changes also minimize the direct contact you have with your auto professionals. This is a good way to observe Covid safety protocols and ensure that Covid precautions are taken.

Why Mobile?

A mobile, no-contact model is built into Slick Mobile Oil’s DNA. That’s because we’re a business born during the coronavirus pandemic. We didn’t adapt our business model to fit the “new normal” that we’re all living in – we designed everything we do with that new normal in mind.

When you choose a mobile oil change from Slick Mobile Oil, you’re not compromising quality for the sake of convenience. Instead, you’re getting the best of both worlds. We deliver a safe and professional oil change that doesn’t require you to take any time out of your day.

The “Come To You” Oil Change You Need

Whether it’s to accommodate a busy schedule or to give you peace of mind, our come to you oil change service meets you where you are. If you’ve never had an oil change at your house before, let our team at Slick Mobile Oil do the honors. We think that you’ll like it!

For more information or to schedule your oil change, contact us today. We’re excited to show you the Slick Mobile Oil difference!