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Have you ever been offered a courtesy check by a mechanic? Maybe you found yourself wondering, what is a courtesy check? And do I have to pay for it?

If you’re unsure what your mechanic is offering you, you might feel worried about getting taken advantage of or hit with a big bill for a service you didn’t necessarily want. Luckily, courtesy checks are usually free and are very easy to understand.

What Is a Courtesy Check?

A courtesy check is a basic inspection of some of the major systems in your vehicle. It is fast and often included in the fee of another service. It’s great for people who don’t have time to examine their car or who don’t feel confident about doing a visual inspection on their own.

What is Included in a Courtesy Check?

The exact details of a courtesy check vary depending on your mechanic. Some courtesy checks involve a visual-only inspection, while others are more hands-on. Intensive hands-on checks might include a small fee.

At Slick Mobile Oil, our courtesy check service is included in the price of your mobile oil change.

Here’s what to expect from a courtesy check:

1. Fluid Check

Your coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid are all checked during a courtesy check. If your fluid levels are low, your mechanic will let you know and might give you the option to fill up after your oil change is completed.

All of these fluids help your car run well. If you don’t know how to check their levels it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look.

2. Tire Check

A tire inspection consists of a tread depth and air pressure inspection. If your tire pressure is low, your mechanic can help you fill your tires on the spot. They’ll also let you know your tread depth, which can help you decide when to swap out or rotate your tires.

3. Brake Inspection

In addition to checking your brake fluid levels, a courtesy check also includes a visual inspection of your brake pads and rotors.

4. Windshield Cleaning

Courtesy checks often end with a complimentary windshield cleaning!

When to Schedule a Courtesy Check

You don’t necessarily schedule a courtesy check. You can expect to be offered one when you go in for routine maintenance like an oil check.

Perhaps your check engine light has come on or you’ve noticed a difference in the way your car feels or sounds. If you need to get your car inspected, call your mechanic and find out how much it costs to get a vehicle inspection. There’s no need to wait for a courtesy check to make sure that your car is in good working order.

Keep Your Car Running Like New

Oil changes are a great way to keep your car in good shape. If you’ve ever been offered a courtesy check before, you might have found yourself wondering, “What is a courtesy check?” Hopefully you now feel confident about what this service entails!

When it’s time for your next oil change, consider opting for a mobile oil change service. At Slick Mobile Oil, we offer mobile service that comes to you, wherever you are. Experience a new level of convenience and professionalism from our helpful and dedicated team!