Like all parts of your car, your brakes need a little TLC in order to work properly. If you neglect your car’s braking system, it can become rusty and corroded. Over time, this will negatively impact your ability to brake quickly and safely.

You can keep yourself and your vehicle safe by scheduling regular brake fluid flushes. When is a brake fluid flush necessary? The answer depends on several variables, but we’ve laid out helpful guidelines for you below.

To learn more about when a brake flush is necessary, keep reading below!

Why Is a Brake Flush Necessary?

Your car’s brakes rely on a hydraulic system to work, and a hydraulic system needs fluid to work properly. Brake fluid also protects against rust and structural damage.

When you get a brake fluid flush, your old brake fluid is drained and replaced with new, clean fluid. Before that new fluid is added, your braking system is cleaned and checked for any damage. A brake flush is an essential way to clear out debris and keep your brakes clean and functional.

When To Get Brakes Flushed

General maintenance suggestions encourage drivers to get their brake fluid flushed every two to three years. If you prefer to schedule your maintenance appointments based on mileage, you should plan for a brake fluid flush every 30,000 miles.

If you primarily drive your car in town and don’t put many highway miles on it, you should plan for more frequent brake fluid flushes. Because you use your brakes more in stop-and-go traffic, a brake fluid flush is necessary more often for city drivers.

As you can tell, the necessity of a brake fluid flush is dependent on your driving habits. Your car’s make and model also play a factor. If you’re unsure when the best time for your next brake fluid flush is, you can consult a professional mechanic for guidance based on your car type and driving habits.

Maintain Your Brakes

Aside from a brake fluid flush, there are other steps you can take to protect your car’s brakes and increase their lifespan. Mindful driving is one great technique to put into practice. Consider your speed and the intensity with which you brake, and try to go a little gentler on your brakes. Don’t ride them and try not to come to abrupt and sudden stops.

Schedule a Brake Fluid Flush Today

If a brake flush is necessary for your car, don’t put it off any longer. Brakes are one of the most important safety features you have, and neglecting to care for them could cause serious damage to you or your vehicle.

Now that you know when a brake fluid flush is necessary, it’s time to schedule an appointment. At Slick Mobile Oil, we offer mobile services that come to you so that you can keep your vehicle in great shape without making inconvenient trips to a garage. Find out more and contact us about getting a brake fluid flush today!